Tahoe PC Paramedics is a South Lake Tahoe based IT services company offering computer and network support to small and medium sized businesses in South Lake Tahoe, Reno, Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Our team of network engineers, software developers and hardware experts are out and about 7 days a week, servicing networks, installing security cameras, fixing computers and so much more.

With normal business hours of 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week.  Tim, our Network and Computer guru will often take most calls, but you might also get a visit from one of our other highly qualified techs: Josh and Dustin who all bring an immense amount of knowledge and expertise to our team.

If you’d like to replace your overpaid full time IT guy with an on-call solution at a fraction of the price, we also offer ongoing monitored support via monthly contracts and our top of the line workstation, network and server monitoring software: Kaseya.  These contracts of course come with on-call support, monthly personal involvement, backup solutions, recovery procedures and regular visits from our network admin to make sure your network is up 24/7.  We also offer remote login support, email support, phone support and are in the process of setting up a help desk and a 24 hour call center so that we can offer these services to you around the clock.

Originally started in 2010 by Cooper Townsend with the experience gained working for multiple repair shops in San Jose and South Lake Tahoe, Cooper became adamant about knowing and understanding every aspect of software, hardware and networking.  After fixing thousands of computers and mobile devices, building and maintaining hundreds of servers and networks, and adding onto his business acumen, Cooper decided his expertise was best served helping businesses with their complex networks. In 2012, Cooper partnered up with Yan Campbell, a dot com industry veteran and technology business owner since the 1990’s, to help him grow the business and achieve his vision.  Cooper has since left (we like to think temporarily) to pursue similar work interests back in his home town of San Jose with Yan buying out the remainder of the company in 2014 and continuing to focus on offering top notch business IT support.

We are getting ready for our first round of financing and will be expanding to other major cities on the west coast soon so we can all look forward to PC Paramedics technicians working in our neighborhoods.
Business Networking

Bringing Business Networking Expertise to South Lake Tahoe and Carson City Businesses